Discover Magic in Naxos (Greek Island)

Life is beautiful

Sotiris Savvas


Beware! Magic in Naxos is about to unfold

In the heart of the Aegean sea, there is a place where Zeus, the Father of the Greek gods was raised, and Dionysus, the god of merriment was born. The island of Naxos.

Aside from precious mythology, Naxos can deliver an enormous amount of goods today, even for the most demanding travelers.

Naxos island — Tremendous beauty

To begin with, visualize long sandy beaches and spectacular paths among mountainous villages. Nature is flourishing.

In addition, ancient artifacts and the Cycladic scenery full of white houses are making the view even better. It would be a huge mistake to forget your camera in this place.

Photo by Chris King on Unsplash

It seems as if there are secret paths everywhere. These graphical villages are incredible, surrounded by mountains and valleys full of green.

Wait for the crystal-clear waters and the feeling of wonder when you are one with them. Life is beautiful!

The island can be self-sustainable, producing a vast amount of local goods. Fresh-baked bread can wake you up in the morning and a romance between you and the Greek food is guaranteed during the day.

Always, the easiest and greatest way to discover the most alluring attractions is to talk with a local. They will surprise you with their help.

Now, you have to make decisions.

  • Windsurfing or hiking?
  • A peaceful walk around the villages?
  • What about a day-cruise around the island?

A day-cruise offers great advantages if you don’t have enough days to properly explore the island. You can swim to the greatest beaches, enjoy the best views, and easily attain a good perspective of what is beauty.



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